5 Rules to Perfect Your Instagram Feed

You ponder and wonder, scrolling through your Instagram feed, and realize that although it’s good, it’s not quite right. You unconsciously know that your feed can ascend to a higher standard, but you’re not sure which protocol to follow.

There’s a lot you can do. Here are some tried and true rules that our team follows.

Rule 1: Balance feed with white negative space.

Content with white negative space(WNS) is great for the feed as it allows a break for the eyes while scrolling. To use properly, make sure no two WNS content pieces share a whole side. For example, if the piece of WNS content were to fall in the middle of a 9×9 square, then any other pieces of content with WNS should be in the corners of the 9×9 square. This is to prevent creating a hole in the overall flow of the feed.

instagram feed


Rule 2: Keep a balance between dense and minimalist content.

Think your feed is too busy? Use a mix of dense and minimalistic content. When users land on your page they’ll be able to immediately digest your content instead of being overwhelmed.

instagram feed

The opposite can also be applied; if you feel you have too much minimalistic material, differentiate by adding denser content.


Rule 3: Pay attention to Instagrid three’s.

If there is an intentional Instagrid on the timeline, keep it in mind when posting the next Instagrid. If there is a planned break in posting, make sure that all instagrids are in line. It’s inevitable that at times they may break, but ideally keeping them in line at all times is best to retain any potential followers that may land on the page.

instagram feed


Rule 4: Stick with your brand colors.

Your feed should have your brand colors present at all time. Every piece of content counts on an Instagram feed. Leave out content that doesn’t make the cut and opt for content that elevates it.


Rule 5: Plan for killer real-time event content.

During live events, there is a considerable amount of rapid social media buzz. In order to best present your brand, pre-approved photographers, videographers, and/or content creators for your company must be on the ground and able to create, shoot, and edit high-quality content in a timely manner. With major events, the goal is to have your content stand out under the event hashtag stream without interrupting or startling the overall flow and design of your own feed.

InStyle & Warner Bros. 2017 Golden Globes After-Party

Posting even just one post outside of your brand guidelines negatively impacts the integrity of all your other high quality content. By following these five simple rules, you’ll be on your way to a drool-worthy Instagram feed in no time!

How-To: Champagne Flute Wrapping Paper

Handmade wrapping paper can add that extra glam to a gift. We created ours for a wedding, but you can certainly add a little pop to your next gift no matter the occasion!


  • Scissors
  • Glitter
  • Eraser
  • Cellophane
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tape
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • X-Acto knife
  • Wrapping Paper


  1. Start by wrapping your gift in your choice of wrapping paper.
  2. Cut 2 inch cellophane pieces.
  3. Roll the cellophane pieces into a cone shape and secure the ends together with a hot glue gun.
  4. Glue cones onto the wrapping paper.
  5. Take an eraser and draw the outline of a stem.
  6. Stamp the stem stencil onto the paper just beneath the cones.
  7. Add glitter and/or rhinestones on top of the glass to add some flare. Cheers!