#MustPack, #HeyCloud
Distribution: Instagram, Facebook, Website, In-Store Display

Loyal T

In an effort to become apart of the travel experience and redefine their communication process, DFS contracted Visual Country to bring their Loyal T rewards program to life with a series of whimsical videos showcasing the luxury brands available in-store. A duty-free shopping experience at a DFS store is often included in the itinerary for luxury travelers from Asia. The cloud character became the star of our videos as he was a reference to the strong cartoon and anime roots found in asian culture. Secondary characters found in the series are a star and moon that were illustrated by the Visual Country team. The videos have a subtle nod to travel that leads viewers into the call-to-action of signing up for DFS’ Loyal T program.


Brought on by DFS, we created this whimsical video featuring their #mustpack Estée Lauder evening essentials. A collection of products you wouldn’t want to forget when traveling overnight. The video was on display inside DFS stores. Video elements such as the character, starry night and balloons inspired the design for in-store window displays and overall theme for the T Galleria, Introducing Beauty of Night Power of Repair landing page hosted on Estée Lauder’s site.