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Las Vegas

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The widely popular “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” campaign embraced adult freedom and positioned Las Vegas as a place everyone can be who they want to be.

Las Vegas has a new tie into the old campaign entitled “Transformation.” For more than 10 years, the iconic campaign celebrated adult freedom, and “Transformation” illustrates the clandestine freedom people can experience in Las Vegas while instilling the destination’s message of: be yourself or anyone else.

To extend the “Transformation” reach, Las Vegas partnered with Visual Country to produce custom “transformation” videos as digital and social extensions to the campaign. The videos we created were stop-motion and real-time, highlighting the main characters’ transformative personas as well as the city’s iconic landmarks and other evergreen mobile content for Las Vegas.
The videos were shared on Las Vegas’ official Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Twitter accounts. On Facebook, the videos had an average engagement rate of 53%.

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To announce the launch of the new 3Doodler PRO product, Visual Country created a 30 second short film showcasing the pen’s ideal user. The original 3Doodler pen is recognized worldwide for fun crafts, fine art, DIY projects and decorative items. The 3Doodler Pro was created not to replace their other products, but to serve a different purpose- one for professionals. To communicate this idea we designed and created a modern office environment for the film. To add validity we featured business professional influencers that use the 3Doodler Pro to enhance their work. The film was shot in 4K with our Canon C500. View more of our 4K work here and Influencer Campaigns here.



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