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4K Clarity

Capturing live action footage in 4K quality, so your brands image is crystal clear.

Advertising your brand on TV? No problem. We are ready for on air distribution, from small to large scale productions, we produce the shoots from initial concepts, to location scouting, talent casting, shooting and sound design.

Tommy Hilfiger

Distribution: Website, Paid Media

Tommy Hilfiger and Time Inc. approached us with an editorial partnership sharing the perfect packing list for three untouched travel destinations. Visual Country was brought on to create a high sensory video to communicate the different elements of their advertorial. The video serves as an introduction to the editorial piece living on the Tommy Hilfiger blog. During the initial launch, Travel + Leisure hosted the video ad across their site.

Malibu Rum

Distribution: Instagram

360i approached us to create a series of photos and videos for the launch of Malibu Rum’s new can flavors and the Malibu Pineapple Upside Down Cake. A vibrant and colorful world was the perfect setting for the coconut rum everyone loves. Inspiration was drawn from the strong, warm colors found in the Caribbean. View more of our photography work here.


Distribution: Website

Our team traveled to LA to collaborate with digital agency, Standard Time, to produce, shoot and style this live action video for Sephora’s monthly subscription box, Play! by Sephora. The video was shot in 4K and lives on Sephora’s website at www.sephora.com/play. View more of our 4K work here.


Distribution: Instagram, Vine, Twitter

perrier bubbles

Thirst for the extraordinary. We were excited to partner with Perrier and bring their bubbles to life in our unique style. This campaign was centered on #ExtraordinairePerrier and designed to show a how bit of bubbles can transform something ordinary into something magical. This short video was also promoted on our social channels, vine, instagram and twitter.

Carolina Herrera

Distribution: Instagram

One of the worlds most beloved fashion houses Carolina Herrera, approached us to create a video for their new Jeffrey Capsule collection. We created a graphic stop motion video inspired by the model Georgia Fowler, the location, The Mark Hotel; and of course by the bold stripes and colors of this mod collection.

Burt’s Bees

Distribution: Social, Website

Burt’s Bees Lipsticks

Visual Country partnered with McGarry Bowen to produce three tips & tricks video and one video showcasing Burt’s Bees lip color product portfolio. The tips and tricks content, informed by a makeup artist partner, began a series of videos showing how to create classic looks that last. All of the videos are playful with a mix of stop-motion cinematography and live action. Casting for real, approachable beauty was done in-house by Visual Country. The final videos live on the Burt’s Bee’s retail site and all of their owned channels.


Influencer Network
We were excited to work with Burt’s Bees on this promotion as it’s one of the world’s most popular lip balms! We created an animated video and shared it as part of the influencer campaign, “Flavor Jam”. Creative Director Meagan Cignoli also shared photos of how she uses the lip balm daily on her social channels.

Las Vegas

Distribution: Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter

The widely popular “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” campaign embraced adult freedom and positioned Las Vegas as a place everyone can be who they want to be.

Las Vegas has a new tie into the old campaign entitled “Transformation.” For more than 10 years, the iconic campaign celebrated adult freedom, and “Transformation” illustrates the clandestine freedom people can experience in Las Vegas while instilling the destination’s message of: be yourself or anyone else.

To extend the “Transformation” reach, Las Vegas partnered with Visual Country to produce custom “transformation” videos as digital and social extensions to the campaign. The videos we created were stop-motion and real-time, highlighting the main characters’ transformative personas as well as the city’s iconic landmarks and other evergreen mobile content for Las Vegas.
The videos were shared on Las Vegas’ official Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Twitter accounts. On Facebook, the videos had an average engagement rate of 53%.

Earned Media:

Las Vegas Expands Campaign

Media Post


From Oats to O's
Distribution: Website


Cheerios approached us to make a series of relevant social media videos telling the story of how Cheerios are made “From Oats to Os”. We reimagined that process with lovable characters and created nine videos to tell the Cheerios story.

The first set of videos showcase Cheerios’ commitment to using the best ingredients: oats beat out the other grains in “Oatlympics”, are the most desirable in “Oat-k-cupid”, and travel all the way from Canada to get into “The Mill” personified as a discerning night club that only the best get into.
Once in the mill, the story continues as the oat sunbathers are toasted, milled, and puffed. The final two videos, and step in making Cheerios, is flavoring. These engaging videos tell a cohesive story and can flow one into the next.


FYI's Tiny House Nation
Distribution: TV, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


In FYI’s original series “Tiny House Nation,” renovation experts and hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin travel across America to show off ingenious small spaces and the inventive people who live in them. Viewers have been fascinated to see families design and construct their own mini-dream homes in spaces no larger than 500 square feet. Not a typical design show, “Tiny House Nation” proves that size doesn’t always matter – it’s creativity that counts.
The A&E Network channel asked us to create a 30 second stop-motion TV commercial to announce the show’s season premiere. The spot is airing nationally on TV as well as being used across social channels.


Distribution: Influencer Network, Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

To announce the launch of the new 3Doodler PRO product, Visual Country created a 30 second short film showcasing the pen’s ideal user. The original 3Doodler pen is recognized worldwide for fun crafts, fine art, DIY projects and decorative items. The 3Doodler Pro was created not to replace their other products, but to serve a different purpose- one for professionals. To communicate this idea we designed and created a modern office environment for the film. To add validity we featured business professional influencers that use the 3Doodler Pro to enhance their work. The film was shot in 4K with our Canon C500. View more of our 4K work here and Influencer Campaigns here.



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3D Printing Industry