Distribution: Twitter

10th Birthday

To help Twitter celebrate their 10th birthday we created this video inspired by Chinese Artist Ai WeiWei’s(@aiww) tweet regarding how Twitter is blocked in China. The flowers are representative of his Project with Flowers, where he placed a fresh bouquet in the basket of a bicycle every morning until he regained the right to travel freely. After 3 years in 2015 he was given his passport and freedom to travel again.


Twitter approached us with the goal of encouraging the 18-24 year-old demographic to create and share videos with their new native video feature. We chose to tell a simple story of a college freshman starting school. The videos are aspirational and depict the best parts of college: decorating your own space, finding friends, and falling in love — relatable experiences designed to inspire viewers to create their own stories. By using stop motion, we were able to create compelling content that is fun to watch and feels accessible to the audience.