Meet our Creatives: Effie Speridakos

Meet Effie Speridakos, one of our Art Directors!

Effie sat down to share with us her creative process and experience. Watch or read the full interview to learn about her work and life at VC, and then check out some of her best work below!

Q1: What is a typical day for you?

A typical day usually starts with some kind of activity, like I love to do yoga in the morning to get my body moving, and then once I get into the office, I could be doing anything from writing a treatment to art directing on set, or brainstorming new concepts with the team here.

Q2: What’s your favorite part about working for Visual Country?

The best part about working at Visual Country is the variety. In a given week I could be working on tech, or beauty, or fashion. It always keeps it fresh and exciting.

Q3: What are some essentials you use on your day to day?

They include the basics, like Slack, Photoshop, things that I use everyday. Beyond that, I would say headphones are pretty necessary for when I’m trying to get in the zone here and there’s a lot going on. And the people, because I can’t get much done without my directors, editors, the different people that I can collaborate with here.

Q4: What are three words that describe you?

Three words that describe me (this is a toughie!) are curious, open, and intuitive.

Q5: Who are your creative influences?

Right now, I’m loving Julie Lauren on Instagram, she’s an illustrator. I’ve been really into fashion illustration for the last several years as a hobby, and I love her work. She used to be a fashion designer at J.Crew and now her Instagram has blown up with these beautiful illustrations, her style is really cool. I think it’s really important to what we do here at Visual Country because anything illustrated has this hand-done feel to it, which is totally our vibe.

Q6: What is something that excites you right now?

Actually just last week was the March For Our Lives nationwide, and I think that was so inspiring to see kids and people of all ages coming together for this cause that is so important right now.

Effie’s Work Highlights:

Video for Google

Video for Laura Geller

Video for Califia Farms

MAC Mock-Up --> Final Video

Shiseido Video Storyboard

Applegate Mock-Up --> Final Video

Marriott Mock-Up

Marriott Final Videos