Seven Up-and-Coming Video Trends For Your Brand

Trends are a reflection of what’s in now, but they can also be an indicator of where things are headed. Stop motion is what our creatives are doing now, but we are also looking forward to what’s next. Being on trend is not just being ahead of the curve, it’s about creating the curve when we can. For both format and aesthetic, here is some of what we see on the video trend horizon.

1. Micro content is Key:

Thought 15 seconds was short-form? Think again. Vine showed us that all you need is 6 seconds to make your point and go #viral, and with average attention spans at 8 seconds, people want to save time and give their brains a break. Time-lapses, Boomerangs, GIFs, and other bite-sized content are the future.

Video @Chanel.Beauty

2. Hola, Array GIFs:

Speaking of GIFs, it’s time to take them to the next level. Array GIFs (sometimes called Stereoscopic images or bullet time) are taken on two or more lenses to give the illusion of depth or a 3D feel to it. This plays into the first theme of microcontent, because it’s usually super short and played in a loop.

GIF by A-1 Array

3. VR/AR/360:

This is no longer a new fad: the world of VR, AR and 360 are only becoming more popular and it’s predicted to be a $27B industry by 2022. Find the right format fit for your content and dive in.
*What’s the difference between the three? 360 video lets you click around to see a 360 view but you can’t walk through and interact with the space you see. VR is a completely immersive world that you can interact with and explore. AR (Augmented Reality) overlays tech on everyday life, blurring the line between reality and fiction.

Video for Isle of Dogs

This video for Zara shows the store’s AR app, allowing shoppers to point their phones at displays and shop windows to see outfits modelled before their eyes.

4. Choppy Collage:  

This glitchy, spasmodic micro-content is controlled almost entirely in the edit. It’s fresh, fun, and quick eye candy.

Video @oh_anthonio

5. Design in 3D:

The rise of 3D and laser printers means that whether it’s 3D cutouts or 3D design software like digital paintbrush on crack, in your Do’s and Don’t’s, 3D Video is a DO.

Image for Album by Short List

Image for Nike

6. Viva La Vivid.

Vivid colors and gradients are exciting and easy. If the brand is willing to be adventurous, don’t shy away from big, bright, and bold.

Image by Slava Thisset

Image for Nike

7. Millennial Pink is Passé.

It had its 15 minutes, but once high fashion says sayonara, we should, too. Pantone, king of color, named Ultraviolet the color of 2018, so fill the millennial pink-shaped hole in your palette with purple hues.

Image @eatingwithminnie

Don’t wait until a trend is tired; be the caffeine jolt into video creation.