Benchmade Modern

ClientBenchmade Modern
Project Information

Benchmade Modern came to Visual Country wanting to creatively show off how easy and quick it can be to buy a custom sofa.

We wrote a 30 sec video that combined stop motion animation, live action and digitally rendered sofas to complete the piece.

We took the customer through the key experiences and benefits of buying a new sofa from Benchmade Modern, with the intention of the longer video being cut down into stand alone 1o second videos. Each video featured one or two key benefits. 

We created one room that we styled and shot practically, that was used as the background for additional digital renderings of sofas. This allowed us to show a lot of variety and customization of the product, without having to ship a lot of inventory to the studio. 

Using the same set, we captured additional stills and live action footage to arm the brand with a small library of assets. These assets were designed to be able to customize into additional e-comm, website, social, and emailer content.

The videos were used across social, their website, and all digital marketing.

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