Benny’s Mini World

ClientBenny’s Mini World
DistributionSocial, TV
benny's mini world
Project Information

Benny’s Mini World is an original Visual Country animated series, launched as a digital IP targeting kids and families across Instagram and Youtube, and part of a larger strategy for a longer linear and VOD TV series.

Benny has built an engaged and loyal fanbase on social through bite-sized videos that charm and delight. Benny is full of curiosity. He builds in his mini work shop, cooks in his mini kitchen, and enjoys learning new tricks on his skateboard.

In a modern and brightly colored world, we explore a mix of live action and stop motion animation, as we feature both the tiny characters and full sized guest-stars, providing a clear and interesting perspective on scale.

Benny’s Mini World the series features additional characters and follows Benny and his mini bandmates as they come together to practice their mini hits and explore their many interests together outside of playing music.

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