Project Information

Cheerios approached us to make a series of relevant social media videos telling the story of how Cheerios are made “From Oats to Os”. We reimagined that process with lovable characters and created nine videos to tell the Cheerios story.

The first set of videos showcase Cheerios’ commitment to using the best ingredients: oats beat out the other grains in “Oatlympics”, are the most desirable in “Oat-k-cupid”, and travel all the way from Canada to get into “The Mill” personified as a discerning night club that only the best get into.

Once in the mill, the story continues as the oat sunbathers are toasted, milled, and puffed. The final two videos, and step in making Cheerios, is flavoring. These engaging videos tell a cohesive story and can flow one into the next.

Key Services