Service Stop Motion
Project Information

The Brooklyn Brothers and LEGO came to Visual Country with idea for two series of videos for social and OLV- one being Timeless Tales and the other being Oddly Satisfying. 

For Oddly Satisfying we came up with concepts that brought the LEGO bricks to life in an extremely pleasing matter. Videos that you could keep watching over and over again without even realizing.

Our team of fabricators built each concept in digital brick form before making them brick by brick by hand, to create the videos you see above.

For Timeless Tales, we were focused on building a series of towns and short videos based on classic tales. A small team of fabricators designed the LEGO creations using 3D brick building software. We were not going off any pre designed lego builds, we created the entire towns and scenes from scratch. We created three custom LEGO cities in total.

The scenes were shot with a macros lens in stop motion; one very tiny movement at a time. 

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