ClientMcDonald’s McCafe
Service Stop Motion
Project Information

In partnership with Havas, McDonalds, Keurig and Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), Visual Country created a 15 second video stop motion video advertisement. Our goal was to capture the feeling of a nice cup of coffee in the comfort of your home, even if that home might be somewhere temporary.

We wanted the animation to draw the viewers in from the very beginning and take them through a relatable family experience, using common objects to practically spell out the supers and messaging.  

As we move from one setting to the next, we wanted the viewer to feel like they were being swept along with the action.

Through stop motion animation we will brought all the little actions to life. In the opening scene, we wanted the McCafé K-Cup pods and the mug to pull the viewer in immediately.

We wanted the video and actions to feel magical and motivated as one scene becomes the next and the supers appeared and transformed passing through the arch of the story. 

We incorporated subtle, and some less subtle, brand colors into the scene through propping and set design, placing the video perfectly within the brand. 

With ease of comprehension in mind and ensuring focus is on the messaging, as well as the set design, we opted to keep portions of the supers present as the scenes transitions. This will allows the viewer to take in the scene, read the super, and then follow the action that completes it. As all of the supers were captured practically.

Some portions of the video, like the dripping coffee and steam were shot in bursts and composited into the scene digitally. All of the supers were practical and created out of sourced materials or fabricated to be a part of this world we designed.

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