ClientPinterest 2022
Project Information

For Pinterest we custom designed, built and styled unique spaces that collectively created an aspirational and accessible series of DIY projects. For the 2022 campaign there were a total of 6 unique sets, 5 full rooms and 1 exterior garden, which we all captured using natural light in the studio and outside. 

Our team fabricated before and after pieces that could be swapped as we created the video, or, when showing a step-by-step process is the goal, we fabricate as we shoot. Capturing still images as we go. 

Each asset was captured in 6K, adding flexibility in the edit and deliverables; which would be cut in square and vertical to be used across social and web platforms for paid and promotional use.

We worked closely with Pinterest to maximise what we could get out of every scenario we constructed.

For the 2022 campaign we created:

27 unique images
7x unique 15 second videos that were each cut into 4 individual assets (S/V versions in both :15 and :08)

Totaling 28 videos, and 55 total assets. Plus Unlimited UGC and BTS.

Key Services