Salad Power

Project Information

For Salad Power we custom designed, built and styled a unique set to capture 7 live actors and 1 toddler creating their own salads and testing out the Salad Power product. The campaign had a total of 3 unique sets, which we captured in our studio for a 1 day shoot. 

Each actor was introduced to a variety of ingredients and asked to prepare a salad while our director interviewed them. As they chopped veggies and tried their best to create something tasty, they became increasingly aware that they were only able to use the key ingredients in the Salad Power pouch. The goal was to see if how their creations held up to the clients product.

Our Process

We brought on our food stylist, to prep and style all the produce to ensure it was looking crisp and fresh. All the models were styled by our wardrobe stylist and were prepared for camera with our hair and make up artist.

Our team worked closely with the client to ensure the casting was a good fit with their vision. Maintaining a diverse spread of actors.

Each individual actor was shot on set with live audio captured from our audio technician. On a separate set we captured the stop motion animation video simultaneously. Each asset was captured in 6K, adding flexibility in the edit and deliverables; which would be cut in square and vertical to be used across social and web platforms for paid and promotional use. Deliverables were sent without music and in longer formats, so the client could add supers, music and additional editing as they pleased. 

For the campaign we created

7x unique 30-60 second videos for each individual (S/V)
1x unique 90 second compilation video of all the actors (S/V)
1x 20 second stop motion animation of food using 3 hand models (S/V)

1x 6 second stop motion video of the package to be cut up in an alpha file

Totalling 10 videos, and 19 total assets.

Key Services