Sherwin Williams x HGTV

ClientSherwin Williams x HGTV
Project Information

For HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams we custom built 3 interiors and 1 exterior space inside our studio to create a warm, cohesive and informative video series with a dozen additional still assets. Each asset was captured in 6K, adding flexibility in the edit and deliverables; which would be cut in wide and square to be used in various online outlets, as well as youtube and social. 

Each video required a unique space to showcase the respective product and our team was tasked with creating rooms with moveable walls that could be reconfigured to quickly transform the space as needed. 

We worked with our set designers and construction team to fabricate the spaces and our lighting designer and directors to make each space feel unique and naturally lit. 

We created:
12 unique images
4x unique 60 second videos
Featuring 4 of their main SKUs with a range of different colors in each asset.

Key Services