Inside Look: Romantic Rose Table Setting

Table settings are a Visual Country passion. Getting creative and making simple but fun table arrangements is our favorite challenge. On our last day in Montauk, I wanted to have a special dinner with the team. There was such a romantic charm about our AirBnb that I really wanted to bring that out in the dinner setting.

A little about the design. Off to the side of the house was this tight little space lined by a beautiful wall of green trees. I loved how enclosed it was and felt it would make the dinner even more intimate. When we were planning this dinner back in the studio we went back and forth on how to take a normal dinner placement and make it more vertical. The first thought was to hang something. We didn’t know exactly what we’d have at our disposal in Montauk to hang from, luckily in this case we had the roof on one side, and we used a c-stand on the other. We strung fishing line, picked up some pink roses and tied them with twine to the string. This gave us height.

Earlier in the month, Erin O’keefe and I were shopping at Ikea and saw these $10 lamps. Our original plan had been candles but I thought lamps would be more unique and would also add height. The lamps were perfect for this look because their subtle romance also had a modern touch. But… what about the cords! Erin had a great idea to use the leaves from the roses to cover the cord, which also added to our centerpiece. For the finishing touch, Julie, a Creative and Illustrator here at Visual Country created place cards for everyone with rocks she found on the property and beach. She then placed little handwritten signs on each. Voi-la! Loved the setup even more once the sun went down.